The technology that unleashes passion

With ProGrade anyone can climb anywhere, as they wish

ProGrade, the only automatic intelligent device that ensures an indoor lead climbing or top roping experience in absolute safety, opens up new horizons for both gyms and climbers. It can be fitted even on overhanging walls, and It is placed at the base of the wall and between two paths, without occupying the wall when it is not in use, leaving space for traditional climbing with a partner.

The true revolution of ProGrade is that it guarantees the belay in the traditional manner, rom below, for an authentic climbing experience through the completely automated management of each step, from knot check to rappelling to the ground. It can therefore be used for both lead climbing and top roping, bringing a wide range of advantages, such as the possibility to rest.

Climbers who go to gyms know that, in order to climb, they need to find a climbing partner to guarantee the belay phase. With ProGrade, this limit is a thing of the past: climbers can now climb at the same time as their partners, without idle times and pointless waits.


The technology
that unleashes passion

ProGrade is placed at the base of the wall and its external shape, dimensions and appearance are similar to those of a climbing volume, allowing it to fit in perfectly in a gym environment.

It contains the rope the climber will use for climbing, a sensor that reads rope movements and a software specifically designed to read the climber’s actions in real time. The software-controlled motors manage the rope, which is tidily uncoiled and coiled as required.

The locking mechanism is purely mechanical and like the most commonly used systems, its operation is based on rope friction.

All this allows Prograde to provide an optimum belay while permitting freedom of movement.

Make the fear of falling a thing of the past with ProGrade.

ProGrade’s innovative Soft Brake Feel system
allows you to climb safely without fear of falling.

Soft Brake Feel